Importance of Coding

Coding and its Importance

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The easiest way to define coding is that, it tells a computer what the user wants it to do. It is the ability to design, write, test and implement a computer programme's source code.To understand how computers and smartphones work, you must first understand the fundamentals of coding. You might be thinking, isn't this time consuming and difficult? Of course it is. But, don't worry some programming languages are easier to learn than others. There's a handful of programming languages to choose from and learning the languages might seem a bit tricky at first but you'll be fine when you get the hang of it.

We are living in the technological era now. Everything's going digital, from online shops, online markets, and even online education. Many fear that human jobs are going to be replaced by machines as they are becoming smarter. It is also true, but there will always be someone in charge to code those machines. This is where learning to code plays its part. You can make a career by coding.